COVID-19: Precautions taken by Coookscape

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We at cookscape care about our clients & consider them part of our cookscape family along with all our staff members and partners. Hence keeping our family safe is of utmost importance to us. Therefore in this recent crisis of Covid-19, we are taking all precautions and have put in place active response teams with diligent and dedicated employees to provide professional support to our beloved clients.

We are well aware that, in this Covid-19 pandemic crisis, safety and security of you and your loved ones is the biggest concern. We promise to make sure that every precaution is and will be followed by the book, if you decide to work with us. Also, we are continuously and constantly upgrading our safety protocols according to the directions given by the Indian Government and by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Below, we have answered the your most common queries.

Q1. Will it be advisable to personally meet with my feasibility engineer?

A1. Definately! It is absolutely safe it personally meet and consults with any of our staff. As we are making sure that each and all of our professionals are diligently following every precaution to keep them from harm’s way like cleaning their hands with soap or 60% alcohol-based sanitizers at regular intervals, monitoring body temperature periodically. Also if any employee feels a little under the weather they are advised to take rest at home and seek medical attention, every staff member must give a report of their travel history so that the management can keep a track of any employee who have been to any of the affected countries and suggest them to work from home for a minimum of two weeks.

Q2. Will I be able to virtually interact with my professional/Can I talk to my feasibility engineer over the phone?

A2. Absolutly! Cookscape always strives to provide excellent service to all our clients. Hence we work in a flexible manner. So, if it’s needed your professionals can be also consulted via online video chats or over the phone. Talk to your Cookscape professional to get more information regarding this.

Q3. Is it advisable to visit Cookscape showroom?

A3. Visiting any of our showrooms is not only safe but also secure. As we are strictly following each and every guideline put forward by WHO like sterilizing and cleaning our premises with cleaners, cleaning the meeting spaces periodically, especially after each client interaction, advising staff and visitors to use hand sanitizer provided by us after entering our showroom. Along with this we have also advised our sick employees to stay at home, take rest and seek medical help.

Q4. Is my presence in the Cookscape showroom necessary to book an order?

A4. No! It isn't necessary for our clients to be physically present at our showroom to book their project. It could be done at their own homes or via online or video chats. Our clients' designated professionals will help them with the entire process and let them know of all the requirements.

Q5. Will the work be over on time?

A5. Definitely! Customer service is an important part of our success. Hence with you, our clients support, we shall be able to create and install your dream project not only in a safe and secure manner but also on time.

Q6. Will the installation happen properly on time?

A6. Most certainly! We are making sure that the projects get over on time in a safe and secure manner. Our on-site professionals have been advised to follow all the necessary precautions and stay safe. They have all been advised to use Hand-Sanitizers with 60% alcohol. Any sick staff has been asked to stay at home and seek medical attention. If by-chance the project gets delayed due to certain unpredictable circumstances then we shall update your, our clients about the same promptly.

Q7. Can the project be tracked?

A7. Certainly! Timely updates will be given to our clients regarding the status of their project. Also, you as a client, can directly talk to the project manager, designers or engineers and they will aptly respond to any of your doubts and queries.

Q8. Is this a good time to start my home interior project?

A8. Absolutely! If you have a home interior requirement, we will make sure to help build your dream into reality. We also promise you that we are strictly following all preventive measures to help you realize your dream and complete your project efficiently and on time.

cookscape Interior

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