Exclusive Tips to Maximize Space in Your Wardrobe

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Wardrobe plays a major role in our daily life, which can also be considered as a treasure of our lifestyle. There are different types of wardrobes that can be classified depending on our type of functionality and our lifestyle. It is important that we should keep our wardrobe in a very organized manner, that’s helps us to reach out to our needs in wardrobe in easy way. This also helps us in saving time rather than searching for the things inside. It should be designed in such a manner that clothes and other things are accompanied inside. Though the closet seems to be large or small in size it can be organized in such a manner that it looks spacious and the space can be used in effective manner. This requires a bit of decorating tricks and also some patience to organize in a proper manner.

Ten easy ways to optimize usage of wardrobe:


Storing clothes that don’t fit in, actually consumes more space in your wardrobe. Sort out the clothes properly and analyse what to keep and what to throw off your wardrobe. Consider your clothes of size now you are, this helps you to have a clear and organised pattern of clothes in wardrobe placed properly. Divide the types of clothes you are keeping inside, like your party dresses, professional wear and your night wear.

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Organising your floor space requires patience in thinking about the usage of the things and clothes inside. A Standard dresser space will be given inside the wardrobe, but considering our usage it should be customized. Consider like having a lots of long hanging clothes, the remaining bottom of the closet will be empty. Generally, there will be mixer of both long hanging and short hanging clothes, you can organise in such a way that your long hanging clothes can be pushed to either one corner of your closet dressing space and one side can be your short hanging clothes. Arranging clothes in this way gives us more space under your short hanging clothes. This space can be used as a shoe rack or some dresser storage too. At the bottom of the wardrobe can occupy with your slippers or shoe ledges in angled way to pick easily.


Hang hooks on the side of doors can be used to store handbags, loungewear and belts that can help in utilising the space in effective manner. Watches box can be a separate box inside, which consist of rows of box spaces to store your watches in a proper way. The handbags can also be on the top of the wardrobe placed on the ledges.


Corners are usually considered as awkward or wasted. By adding functional ledges or rods to hang on can really maximize the corner space. Corner space can also be used for placing lockers systems which can be in a closed space and safe too.



Go for illuminate the wardrobe with LED strips or rods in a dresser space. Use it inside to have a clear view through it. Placing the light outside like a led strips at the bottom gives a brightening look to the wardrobe.


A Coat of paint can add up the illusion of space. Choose on the durable paint such as with a matt, satin or gloss finish texture as the walls will subject to wear and tear from things inside. A choosing of colour plays a role in aesthetic look of the wardrobe. A light colour will be preferably good like pale pink, light yellow or white can add a pleasant look, cleaner and brighter.

Can also go with some textured wall papers rather than paint too. But a textured floral wall papers cause the space smaller than usual whereas the paint of light colours shows up the space larger, airy and maximised.

cookscape Interior

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