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The interior design industry is now updated in all aspects. Be prepared to re decorate your Interiors with the following trends.

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy” – Juan Montoya

    Bold and Beautiful

  • Add a playful mix of vibrant colours, textures, patterns and decors. Addition of a bold colour to the light colour room gives your home a new life than the neutral or cool tones such as grey, white and black that has served us the past.
  • Accent walls

  • A wall that stands out from the other walls creates a distraction and naturally draws the eyes when entering the space. Choose a plain wall without openings in the room and highlight it with elements like wall papers, Textures, Pannelling, Cladding , patch of green or a photo gallery that recites the story of the family or the travel experience of the people of the house.

Appealing Antiques

Few antique displays in the house creates a contrast and enhances the particular space. Antiques als act as an important aesthetic element. The antiques creates an accent in the house. A small piece of antique furniture in the house can be a lovely addition to the house. Antiques gives a style statement to the space.

Stylish Seating

The living space reflects the culture and value of the family and the space creates first impression to the guests entering the house . The most important element is the seating. Choose a seating that creates a statement to the living area and creates a great impression to the guests entering the house. Choose a seating that is visually appealing and also comfortable.

cookscape Interior


Create some drama in the room by replacing the boring plain walls with personalized wall papers that depicts your style. These bold geometrics creates an everlasting impression. These elements reinvest our spaces. Choose a wall paper from the n number of types like abstract for art lovers, nature inspired wall papers, textured wall papers, bold patterned wall paper.

Graceful Greens

The most inexpensive way to add glamour and colour to interiors is by incorporating some indoor plants. A patch of green at home gives an added advantage that is said to bing good vibes, purifies air, acts as a focal point and will act as an acoustic element.

These greens can be added by creating a green wall using mosses, hanging flower pots, racking plants to create a green partition or a simple planter box at the dead spaces.

cookscape Interior

Architect - Gomathi Varshini