Tips for choosing the best interior designer for your dream home!

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We all have dreamt of hiring interior designers, but we weren’t sure where to start and how to make sure we have made the right selection. Here’s a simple guide to help you pick a pro suiting your style, your home, and your budget.

Design Style

You will consume a lot of time exploring interior designers through online websites. Choose a designer who has a range of work that fits within your overall aesthetic. Make sure they can cater to all the services you are looking for so that you could save your time and money over the course of the project. Hiring a good designer can help you use his or her expertise to translate your expectations into reality taking functionality, scale, and budget into account. They have a knack to suggest merging different elements we would never think to use together in order to create an innovative, unified, harmonious effect.

Quality and Finish

“Quality” and “Finishes” are two different criteria. People used to get confused with the bad finishes and mark as poor quality. One should understand the “right application at the right place”s considering the “durability” of each product. There are very few in the industry who understands the materials quality and its real application.

The best way to look at the finishing of the work is by visiting the showrooms or experience centers, previous projects which have been completed at least 5 years ago and talk to the customers of the firm. We all knew that every firm tries its best to display the excellent quality of their products at their experience centers. Just make sure that the delivery must not be less in finish than what you have seen at their office.

Own Factory

An organization must have its manufacturing unit for its timely process and precise delivery. Unlike having up a tie-up with a factory, the self-owned unit will always be in support of the project management team. Associated factories and channel partners won’t give equal value to every project. It is always better to get the best prices at the manufacturing unit rather in retail.

Prompt Delivery

Most of the designers claim to deliver the work on time like 45 days to 60 days turn-around time. We have to realize there is no single firm with a 100% smooth processing and excellent track record. Therefore you can check by enquiring with their old clients the satisfaction they have with the design firm’s services and quality.

Price Vs Value

Finally, the cost is one of the most important criteria in decision making. One should definitely do the apple to apple comparison to make the fair decision. It’s really tough to justify a project cost with the item to item/brand in this industry. Every firm has its own design philosophy and estimated cost. The best way is to look at all the parameters as a whole and take a call.

Start working with your designer now, it’s definitely going to be a wonderful investment and it can lighten up your life with joy and comfort. It also helps your home to live up to its full potential.

It’s time to be smart! Happy designing..!

cookscape Interior

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