Tips to make your home look like a luxury hotel

cookscape Interior

The selection of the color of the paint and the exact intensity of light decides the difference between the luxury hotel and home. The Royal paint with the exact combination of light gives the taste of the luxury in the home. To give more recipe for the luxury, choosing the exact size of furniture with polished quality woods can play the main role. The shiny granite in the kitchen with the plain shades of tiles on the floor and cladding gives a good smell of luxury. The texture of the wallpaper behind the neat and compact T.V unit gives a rich look with professionalism.

The Silky window curtain will give a pleasant view from outside as well as from the inside. Having a White or Black or Brown color rolled linen in the bedroom beds makes much more lovely. Woolen carpets at the center of the living and placing a glass tea table with a jug and cups make so cool. The false ceiling with the exact spotlight with yellow shade gives the touch of the luxury. The restroom with the bathtub and separation of the bath by a glass partition will make much rich. The glass mirror with the wooded border makes it much richer for the viewers. The carpets outside every door give perfection.

Surround the smell of fragrance will give the smell of luxurious. Keeping a fresh cut flower every day will make outdoor as an indoor. Removing the plastic kind of thing and keeping the naturals wood kind of things will make neat. Keeping some requirable machines such as coffee makers, juice makers, etc. gives the taste of luxurious. The sofas with a neat brown-based theme colored covering cloth make comfort for the visitors. The last touch will be the regular maintenance, which gives the look till the end.

cookscape Interior

Architect - Manika Arasan A

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