What is Veneer Variant?

Veneer gives a natural look with perfectly smooth and decorative finish that reflects the natural beauty and elegance of fine wood. Natural patterns give an organic and high end look. It comes with PVC Edge Banding that protects its corners and keeps the laminate in place. This variant as the name suggests has a veneer exterior laminate hence the laminate is actually thin layer of real wood made into a sheet. This is why it can give an authentic wood finish look and it comes in wooden colors. It is a Guarantee Product which comes with a 10 year replacement Guarantee. It is a luxury product that will give a rich and natural look to a space

cookscape Interior

Key Points & Features:

• Highlight – Made of Real thin sheet of wood, has a grand appearance and great appeal.

• Kitchen Carcass Boiling Water Proof (BWP) - IS710 Grade

• Wardrobe Carcass: Boiling Water Proof (BWP) - IS710 Grade

• Shutter Material: Veneer

• Shutter Finish: Veneer

• Primary Hardware: EBCO (12 Kg)

• Skirting: Matching SF Skirting / Rehau Skirting

cookscape Interior

Architect Moizu Fathima

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