What is the theme & concept in interior design?

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Hello everyone, welcome to our Cookscape family community. In this context, you can get information about different types of concepts, styles, themes, and elements of design, services and lots of things related to interior design. We hope that our experience will help you to understand this vast creative field.

What is the Concept & Theme in Interior design?

Interior design is highly professional and huge field where each designer follows different pattern in a particular gateway. Every designer has their own process of designing from conceptualized to final finishing of the project. The very beginning of the design or ideas starts with concept & theme which are the main elements of each design.

In general, concept is an abstract idea, a set of design elements or formation of design. A design concept is a fundamental idea that gives the design its depth, meaning and direction. Concept can be realistic or abstract. It can be in any form like art, tradition, history and contemporary surroundings. There are varied two types of concepts.

• Visual: It defines visible context of design, pattern, planning, structure, colours, etc., they are focused more on the way to convey the message.

• Abstract / Verbal: It defines concept / context, might be in words that enlarges to describe the story of design. This concept might be elegance, simplicity, budget friendly design, etc.,.. which influence the invisible motifs. They can be more effective on the context that design is to be communicated.

Concept Vs Theme

• By definition:

Concept: defined as an abstract idea

Theme: specific subject or ideas that recurs particular piece of work

• By scope:

Concept: scope is limited

Theme: scope has huge role

• By specific:

Concept: has specific ideas that deals with it

Theme: Have different ideas

• By relationship:

Concept: it appears under theme

Theme: number of concepts falls under different theme

How to initiate the concept for Interior design

After the initial meeting with the client, the next step is to initiate the concept, for that two criterias has to be examined

• Defining the problem

• Research for the location / site

    Defining the problem:

    Concept is the solution for all design related problems. As for developing the concept, you need to ask certain questions to the

    • Commercial client about the brand, their customers and their goals for the site.

    • As for residential client, consider to ask their wishes, requirement, need & vision for the site

    Research Process

    During this research process, designer might see some design ideas or visual concepts that may be something in a form of colors, forms, shapes, etc., and these all led by the abstract words that have become a part of the verbal concept.

      Applying the concept:

      Apply the style or theme, like once you have a finished floor plan now apply the design concept to this layout. This is when you now select furniture, accessories, colors, rugs, window treatments and wall finishes suiting the style

      What is the theme in interior design?

      cookscape Interior

      Theme is a sub part of concept. A theme is a unifying or dominant thought or pattern that passes around a given concept. The concept for that specific space provides unity, context and narrative. Being a tool of the design, the process becomes the thing which is selection of colours, textures, materials, forms or even an abstract

      Eg: style of color, delicate ambiance, feel of texture, patterns and shapes, composition, etc.,

      Overall the designing involves two terms i.e. concept & theme

      Each one differs from other. All two are influential for any design process because that gives meaning and story to the design.

      The difference between these two concepts and theme are the concept is an initial framework and solution for any design. Well the theme is an overlay to the concept that helps to tie all the various spaces together. It is sub-part of concept which is more detail-oriented than concept. The concept will teach you how to create ideology and the theme will give you a motive to design and style.

      Our vision is to create the client’s imaginary and dream come true concept with our design potential.

      cookscape Interior

      Architect Kiruthiga

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