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When interior decorating, we all try to develop unique projects and collect the best creative ideas, which is why interior design can rarely have any rules attached to it.

Thereof, you will hardly find a complete step-by-step guide of interior design tips that apply to all homes – the best designers and experts can do is to suggest a basic framework where all developments and improvements will depend exclusively on individual needs.

A simple and basic Generic Step by Step process or approach to Home Interior Design could be,

Know your Clients

Understanding and analyzing the requirements is the key challenge of any interior design project. Your home depicts who you are and so it is very important to list down what is needed. Understanding the design brief also guides you through the process of evolving a design concept and executing it efficiently.

Activity Pattern

Listing out the activity pattern of each space is very important as it defines the furniture and theme. For instance, a living room can be merely used as a meeting lounge for visitors or as a family leisure room. These two activities are different from each other and hence, will require different set of furniture and concept. The focal point of a lounge can just be a painting or a wall mural. Whereas, the focal point in a family room is mostly the Television.

Furniture Layout

Furniture layout detailing in the beginning of any project helps us to modify any civil related components if required. It also guides the electrical and plumbing works. Working out the layout can categorise the furniture into new requirement or modification of existing ones.


Treating the ceiling is an important element as it defines the volume of the room. The higher the ceiling, the more functional the room is. Ceiling areas are mainly given uplift in the common places of the house like the Living Room, Dining area, doorways, etc. Ceiling treatment is the first step in any interior project because it practically defines the measurements of the other furniture.

Feature Walls and Partitions
Feature walls can also act as an element of focus. Feature walls can be anything from a stone cladded wall to an indoor water cascade or wall with wall covering with lighting. Partitions Walls can be both functional and aesthetic. It is mainly used as a tool for privacy when there is a space constraint of two activity areas; a typical situation is that of a living cum dining room.
Type of flooring is yet another important component of a home as it defines and demarks each space. One could also play with levels with flooring. Care should be given to ensure the comfort and safety while selecting the flooring material. There is a wide range of materials and finishes available when it come to flooring; from Granites to Italian Marbles, from Ceramic to Vitrified Tiles, Engineered marbles, Wooden Flooring, Stone Flooring, etc. The nellai seo materials are space wise categorized into common area (living, dining, pathways, etc), Kitchen and Utility, Family Rooms (like home theaters or lounges), Private Spaces (Bedrooms and Bathrooms), Semi-Private Spaces like Sit-Outs and Patios, and Terrace & Home Gardens. Each of these spaces require its own type of flooring; for instance, its best to go with some kind of anti-skid flooring for wet areas like kitchen and utility.
Colour Scheme
The colors you choose for your interiors sets the mood for each space. Light colours give a cozy and warm feeling to any space and also make the space look very bright and spacious. Dark colours give a very vibrant look and energizes the space according to the mood created.
All type of loose furniture and fixed furniture can be customized according to ones need. This is where the furniture layout plays a vital role as it quantifies the requirement. The colour scheme helps in choosing the finish and material of the furniture for each space. When it comes to furniture, these days, modular furniture are in trend because of its advantages; mainly customization, easy installation & maintenance, wide range of colour options, and a lot of other benefits. Some Furniture should be planned in such a way that it can be moved around to other places when there is an upgradation of design needed. It could be renovating an existing home or shifting to a new home.
Lighting in the room should be geared towards creating a relaxed, comfortable mood. Aim for layers of light, and position light sources so they form roughly a triangle to ensure good distribution of illumination. Table lamps that focus the light down will encourage people to sit down and relax. The overlapping arcs of light illuminate the seating instead of the upper walls, sending the message to sit. Lighting layout needs careful work as it can be stressful when not executed properly. Lighting must also involve thoughtful consideration like energy efficient systems.
Indoor Landscape
Landscape is always thought of as an exterior element. But, it adds meaning and warmth when used indoors too. Clever planning of use of landscape in interiors can bring about a classy décor for the living room. It could be natural landscape or artificial & dry plants with adornments like a water cascade. Given a place with proper lighting, it will set the mood of the living room to a very lively and cozy space. Indoor landscape could also follow a theme like organic home garden or bonsai theme, etc.

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