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The word wardrobe has come into use from the country of France where it was addressed as "Warderobe". In French, the meaning of warder means "to look after or protect" and robe is a garment.

A bedroom is incomplete without two major components; bed and the wardrobe. You might not struggle much in finding the right style and comfort in a bed but for a wardrobe the road might get a bit tricky. Before choosing the right closet, one has to consider a lot of things in accordance to its style or design.

In today’s scenario, a wardrobe is no longer a part of the wealthy people's world. These are now designed with various types and qualities of materials that allow prices to vary from inexpensive to expensive. Along with providing ample storage and clever organisation, a wardrobe adds to the aesthetic appeal of a dressing area.

One of the main concerns while working out the Furniture Layout of a Home is to identify the type of wardrobe construction that would cater to one’s need. Modular Wardrobe has gained a lot of popularity in today’s décor industry due to its benefits.

Tailored To Your Needs

A modular wardrobe comes with a huge advantage of being designed precisely according to your needs. You can design and detail the wardrobe based on your requirement. It gives you flexibility as you can add any number of drawers, shelves and accessories and give it the best looking door. One can also re-arrange the shelves and accessories whenever you require a make-over.

Spatial Design

Modular Wardrobe can be designed in any given space of any size and any shape; unlike stand-alone wardrobe which can be too big or too small sometimes. It can be designed for a free wall, wall with a loft slab above, wall with a niche, wall with openings, etc. This wardrobe can be designed efficiently with the given constraints and still merge with the design concept of the bedroom, making it a wholesome décor.

Custom Lighting

One of the disadvantages of a free standing wardrobe is its inability to provide you with a clear view of what is inside it at night or on a cloudy day. But with a modular wardrobe, you can custom-tailor lighting the way you want. Lighting is a part of the design and can be installed inside each drawer, cabinet or shelf and it will work automatically when you open that particular compartment.

The Perfect Material and Finish

Sometimes when you think a freestanding wardrobe is perfect for your room, it turns out just the opposite as its finish and material just does not match the other surfaces present in the room. This problem is quite common among homeowners and they are probably in loss after the purchase. With a modular wardrobe, you can choose your type of material and your style of finish and create an awesome looking piece that will complement rest of the furniture and furnishings.

Trend in Decor
With its updated features and practical inclusions, a modular wardrobe is a perfect fit in for a contemporary style home. You might not want to opt for a modular style for an old home but if you are planning to buy a new home or build one, modular wardrobe is a perfect style to choose for enhance the look of your bedroom. While designing a New Home or renovating the old one, one of the main things to consider is the type of Wardrobe.
Regular Modular Wardrobe
- This type is the most preferred one. It is easy to Design, Build and Use this type as there are no complicated detailing in it. Full panel wardrobes for your bedroom brings in a lot of space to keep all your stuff organised and neat. The full panel wardrobe covers the entire wall and is structured with various drawers, hangings and shelves to dangle clothes and accessories of different sizes.
Sliding Wardrobe
- Sliding Wardrobes have become very popular in the recent days. It is the best option for saving space and adding a style statement to your Bedroom. When there is a space constraint to arrange the furnitures in the bedroom, these wardrobe come in very useful as they do not need any clearance space for doors while opening. These come in a variety of materials and shades which gives a lot of options for the designers for innovation.
Walk-In Closet
- These are the preferred ones for Villas and Bungalows. Walk-In closets are typically, enclosures or small rooms (with or without doors), which can accommodate Wardrobes of both types (Regular / Sliding) and also Dresser Unit.

Tips for Modular Wardrobe Design

  • If you are given the chance of designing your wardrobe during the civil construction stage, opt out of loft slabs and go for fully Modular Wardrobe & Loft.
  • If you have an annexure room for your Bedroom, convert it into a Walk-In Closet.
  • If you have a space constraint, go in for Sliding Wardrobe to optimize the space efficiently.
  • If your bedroom is small, go for light colour finishes or mirror finishes to make it look big and spacious
  • If the room is large enough, go for regular wardrobe considering the clearance required for other furniture and doorways.
  • Plan the internals based on your usage. Like full length space for long coats and pants, pull out hangers, tie-rack, accessories organizer, lockers, etc.
  • If your room is lacking lighting and ventilation, plan for internal lighting for wardrobe for better functionality.

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