Interior design ideas for your Dream Home

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Some people have an inherent knack of designing but decorating and designing Interior spaces could be overwhelming for many. This is especially true for non-designers. However, even professional designers can benefit from guidance or inspiration in the form of tips to design better. So here are some interesting ideas made for all those who are interested in designing their dream house with elegance and panache.

Creating dynamic spaces with color patterns

The first and foremost thing to do before remodeling any type of Home Interiors is to choose the right type of color palette. Many famous designers come up with a color combination for the entire house and then detail them out in different areas and rooms. Also, it is important to keep in mind that each combination for every interior space must be well thought out. For instance in bedrooms, bright colors might not be good idea, as such vivid schemes might be a visual stimulant that can disturb sleep, rather combining neutral colors with natural light from openings can have a soothing and relaxing effect and therefore a good choice for private resting spaces like bedrooms.

‘Mix and Match’ Colors

Sometimes contrasting color schemes can create a balanced combination that can make a space look aesthetically appealing. For instance, a saturated primary color can be combined with white to give a balanced look without making the area look garish.

Usage of Wallpapers to brighten up a normal living space

Applying wallpapers in spaces like passages, lobbies, store rooms, etc. can really be an easy solution to liven up a dull and mundane space.

Play with Textures to bring out the different flavor of spaces

Neutral appearance can be made to look appealing if it is complimented with the usage of a variety of materials with different textures. A range of materials can be used from matt finish laminate to high glossy acrylic finishes. This will create dynamic spaces as the light-absorbing matte textures with light-reflecting glossy textures will create an interesting play of light and shadow inside a house.

High Furniture; Higher Ceilings

It is wise to use tall furniture in low-height area as it will enhance the appearance of the room by making the ceiling appear taller than it actually is whereas stout furnishing will make the ceiling appear closer to the ground.

These are some of the tips and tricks which anyone can use to make their interior living space not only look more appealing but also to create dynamic spaces with unique character that blend together to form an interesting home.

cookscape Interior

Architect - Anulekha