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Modular Kitchen is now a norm rather than an exception, having changed the age old concepts to beyond style. The Modular Kitchen, Undoubtedly brings convenience & it is the core of any home. Modular word is a very commonly used term these days, which means the space layout can be easily remodelled elsewhere. With the introduction of Modular Kitchen, the Kitchen space becomes the centre of attraction & maximises the storage area with minimalistic footprints, it has many Styles, Themes, and Finishes. Modular Kitchen refers to Hassle free installation & cabinets should be made in a factory.

What are the materials to be used in Modular Kitchen?

1. BWP (Boiling Water Proof) Plywood.

2. HDHMR (High Density High Moisture Resistant).

3. BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) Plywood.

All the materials should be treated & free from Termite, Fungus & Cockroaches. Some additional treatments like Hot Press, Cold Press, Fungal Treatment, Termite Proof Treatment, Borer & Dipping treatments should be done for the durability & sustainability of the Modular Kitchen.

The Advantages of Modular Kitchen

Easy to assemble

Can be assembled easily & has the flexibility to move anywhere.


Can be customized depending on your taste, personal preference & space available in the Kitchen.

Space savings

Modular Kitchen provides more storage with ease, efficient & proper planning.

Modular Kitchen has many Accessories like Cutlery Baskets, Plain Baskets, Plate Baskets, Oil Pullout Trays, Bottle Pullouts, Dustbin holder, Detergent holder, Magic- corners, Tall pantry units, Rolling shutters, Under sink storages, Wicker Baskets, etc…

cookscape Interior

Elegant Appearance
  • Traditional Style:- Meets traditional feel with modern & balanced design
  • Contemporary Style:- Modern style pairs with comfort, functionality & design
  • Chic Style:- Meets with elegant, fashion & trendy with perfect balance.
  • Easy Cleaning & Repairs

    Can be easily cleaned in every nook & corner with Mere cloth & wipe it off.


    Will be more durable if you use BWP (Boiling Water Proof) Plywood & HDHMR (High Density High Moisture Resistance) for your Kitchen.


    cookscape Interior

    • Call your Interior Designer for servicing & tightening the Kitchen hardware like Hinges, Runners, Channels, Screws, Handles, etc… yearly once.

    • Cleaning your Kitchen regularly using a wet cloth for appliances like Oven, Stove, Coffee maker, etc…

    • Can be easily cleaned in every nook & corner with Mere cloth & wipe it off.

    • Use the soft scrubbing pads for steel sinks for the floor as well as the wall cabinets to prevent from scratch.

    • Use Baking Soda to maintain the shine of Countertop, Steel sink, Floor tile, Dado tile & Appliances…

    • Clean the Refrigerator twice a month using Soapy liquid to prevent bacteria.

    • Clean your Chimney twice a year using a vacuum cleaner or use a chemical like Caustic soda, Vinegar.

    • Wash the Kitchen rugs regularly to prevent harmful germs & bacteria.

    • Ensure to clean your Dustbin & remove the food scraps every night before sleeping.

    • Don’t overuse the scrubs, cloth, sponges & replace it regularly to prevent harmful bacteria.

    • Wipe the Kitchen floor every day using a disinfectant.
    cookscape Interior

    Architect - Raghul