7 Amazing Wooden Ceiling Designs You Will Love
A practical advantage is that the installation of wooden false ceiling design is easy. Spoilt for choice as wooden ceiling designs are available in a variety of natural patterns and textures. It provides a bunch of functional benefits....


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Architect Bhaghyashri


How To Prevent Dampness From The Wall
Dampness of the walls are caused with the excess of moisture either an internal source or external intrusion. When it comes to the internal sources are the moisture caused at kitchen, Dampness caused due air conditioning...


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Architect Akila


Smarter Interior design for the Smart Homes
Remote systems administration, remote charging... We wouldn't fault you if you had any desire to hop directly into the universe of remote innovation. It's cool, it's tomfoolery and it basically seems like less...


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Architect Varshini


12 Reasons to love Chalk Paint
Have you ever wondered about chalk paint?? No no not the chalkboard paint… It’s something beyond that! Here you’ll find 12 reasons love chalk paint which is a hit with designers and DIYers so you can make an informed choice for your Home Interiors!.....


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CRE Madhana Gopal R


Indoor Decoration Ideas with Money Plant!
Money Plant! Beautiful, hardy, strong and popular house plants. They are versatile and beautifully grow in all the conditions. Easily available everywhere money plants are easy to take care......


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Architect Keerthika G


How can persuasive design be used in interior design?
Design is the tool to show ones idea, in the form of any output in their own style. Interior design is becoming increasingly popular all over the world and this gives wide range of collection.....


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Architect Bhaghyashri


Clever storage ideas for Small Bedroom
Nowadays “Clever storage hacks for Small Bedrooms” are two a penny. Every other blog or interior design article have tons of content based on this. So how do you choose which ideas to apply and which to ignore?.....


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Architect Navanitha


Why "Less Is More" When It Comes To Home Interiors?
In inside planning the idea of "toning it down would be ideal" is tied in with making straightforward and effective insides. Straightforwardness is the way to accomplishing this.....


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Architect Sunitha


Inventive Ideas under Stairs Storage!
Under Staircase spaces are always a little tricky to handle, however with a little bit of creativity and thoughtful design strategies this space can be transformed into something fascinating....


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Architect Manikandan


10 Brilliant Ways to Brighten Your Dark Kitchen & Living room
In order to brighten a dark living room certain small interventions can go a long way. If the Living room is large in area with small windows or widely spaced windows, or a small living with small windows...


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Architect Varshini


What Is The Best Material For An Interior Design?
Plywood is a good and favorite material for interior design as it’s very light and can easily be customized. It can be applied to not only furniture but also to ceilings, walls, and partitions...


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Architect Raakesh Natarajan


Is Using An Interior Designer Expensive?
In the event that you are an individual who spends the whole week at work, it will require many ends of the week to effectively execute an Interior plan project...


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Architect Angaiyarkanni


Transform Your Home With The Right Lighting!
Home is a place where you can spend longer stretches of your time, and engage yourself in an array of multiple activities. A home interior space is proper when it is filled with right lighting.....


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Architect Dinesh


How do you design the best kid’s room interior?
The kids are at home a whole lot more these days… which probably means their bedrooms are getting more of a workout than usual! To keep them happy (and you sane), it might be time for a room reinvention.....


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Architect Nivetha Senthil


Ideas to Design a Multipurpose Living Room!
Multipurpose living room: Some people might ask a question why a living room has to be a multipurpose room, but many people know that now a day the apartments have smaller living spaces which need to be.....


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Architect Saraniya


Tamil Nadu Traditional House Designs
For most south Indians, the idea of spending summers at their ancestral homes brings back a memory of childhood. Architecture’s design philosophy is to create meaningful interfaces between humans and their surroundings. .....


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Architect Mathivathani


How can I design the interior of my home with a low budget?
If you are a person who spends the entire week at work, it will take many weekends to successfully execute an interior design project. This is a very long term commitment if the scope of work is large.....


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Architect Angaiyarkanni


Making Home A Better Place Is What We Care
Cookscape is a well known brand in the field of manufacturing and marketing modular kitchens for the last 22 years, over the years, been widely recognized as a one-stop store for home interiors.....


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Architect Raakesh Natarajan


What is the theme & concept in interior design?
Interior design is highly professional and huge field where each designer follows different pattern in a particular gateway. Every designer has their own process of designing from conceptualized.....


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Architect Kiruthiga


Easy step to plan your kitchen very modular!
Generally we want kitchen very modular for our convenience and aesthetic. For example; in a normal kitchen we keep things where the space is available but in a modular kitchen we can allot a space.....


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Architect Viswanath


How is interior wall thickness determined?
A standard cavity wall made of a wooden frame and 2 boards of dry wall partitions sheets or timber partitions will generally be 125mm to 150mm thick. This will include the vacuum cavity.....


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Architect Sabarinathan


Essential Tips to Know About Wardrobe Design / Designers in Chennai
The word wardrobe has come into use from the country of France where it was addressed as "Warderobe". In French, the meaning of warder means "to look after or protect" and robe is a garment.....


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Architect Raakesh Natarajan

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