How do you design the best kid’s room interior?
The kids are at home a whole lot more these days… which probably means their bedrooms are getting more of a workout than usual! To keep them happy (and you sane), it might be time for a room reinvention.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Nivetha Senthil


Tamil Nadu Traditional House Designs
For most south Indians, the idea of spending summers at their ancestral homes brings back a memory of childhood. Architecture’s design philosophy is to create meaningful interfaces between humans and their surroundings. .....


renovation kitchen
Architect Mathivathani


How can I design the interior of my home with a low budget?
If you are a person who spends the entire week at work, it will take many weekends to successfully execute an interior design project. This is a very long term commitment if the scope of work is large.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Angaiyarkanni


Making Home A Better Place Is What We Care
Cookscape is a well known brand in the field of manufacturing and marketing modular kitchens for the last 22 years, over the years, been widely recognized as a one-stop store for home interiors.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Raakesh Natarajan


What is the theme & concept in interior design?
Interior design is highly professional and huge field where each designer follows different pattern in a particular gateway. Every designer has their own process of designing from conceptualized.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Kiruthiga


Easy step to plan your kitchen very modular!
Generally we want kitchen very modular for our convenience and aesthetic. For example; in a normal kitchen we keep things where the space is available but in a modular kitchen we can allot a space.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Viswanath


How is interior wall thickness determined?
A standard cavity wall made of a wooden frame and 2 boards of dry wall partitions sheets or timber partitions will generally be 125mm to 150mm thick. This will include the vacuum cavity.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Sabarinathan


Essential Tips to Know About Wardrobe Design / Designers in Chennai
The word wardrobe has come into use from the country of France where it was addressed as "Warderobe". In French, the meaning of warder means "to look after or protect" and robe is a garment.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Raakesh Natarajan


10 Things you Should Know Before Decorating your Living Room
Living rooms are the most important of all, while designing any Home Interiors. It depicts who you are, through the style and design of whatever goes into designing your Living Room. Unlike any other room, Living Rooms are the heart of one’s Home.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Vidhya


What is calypso variant?
These Rugged and Robust frames, handles & post formed laminated shutters transform the space and revamps the ambience effortlessly. The sight of this variant is exceptionally alluring and it is also extremely durable. When in doubt, the choice of this variant can never go wrong.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Aashika


Looking For Home Designers/Decorators in Chennai?
When interior decorating, we all try to develop unique projects and collect the best creative ideas, which is why interior design can rarely have any rules attached to it. Thereof, you will hardly find ....


renovation kitchen
Architect Nivetha


Wants to Know About Modular Kitchen & It's shapes?
Modular Kitchen is undebatably the “Heart of a Home”. It is not just a place for cooking anymore. Most of the socialization of a home happens here.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Manikandan Natrajan


What is Suede Variant?
This variant has a luxurious appeal. Its matte style finish with textures makes it a good choice for any space be it kitchen or any other space. It gives a unique look to the woodwork of a space that is equal part appealing as well as easy to maintain.....


renovation kitchen
Architect Anulekha


What is Amaryllis Variant?
Lustrous, handle-less, lacquered glass, frames and accessories are all set to breathe new life into interiors, transforming them into elegant showcases of beauty. This variant has metallic shutters frames made up of aluminum alloy the frame....


renovation kitchen
Architect Saraniya


What is Veneer Variant?
Veneer gives a natural look with perfectly smooth and decorative finish that reflects the natural beauty and elegance of fine wood. Natural patterns give an organic and high end look. It comes with PVC Edge Banding that protects....


renovation kitchen
Architect Moizu Fathima


What is Iris Variant?
It’s an attractive range of traditional profiles and designs rendered in five pieces of framed hardwood shutter. They often feature neutral color palette and intricate details which make the kitchen timeless....


renovation kitchen
Architect Gautham Lakshmikanthan


What is Classic Variant?
It’s an attractive range of traditional profiles and designs rendered in five pieces of framed hardwood shutter. They often feature neutral color palette and intricate details which make the kitchen timeless....


renovation kitchen
Architect Raakesh Natarajan

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