How to renovate your kitchen within your budget?

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It is a process of repairing or changing something to a new form or giving a new shape and design. We generally do renovation for better aesthetics and convenience. Also kitchen renovation will give a boost to house resale value.


Kitchen is a room where we store, prepare, cook foods and dish washing. Designing a residential kitchen is very easy than designing a commercial kitchen. For example residential kitchen require a small refrigerator but a commercial kitchen require a huge walk in freezer. Like that each and every thing in residential kitchen is small in size compare to commercial kitchen and it is very easy to design it as per our convenience. So renovating kitchen is easier than design a new kitchen.


A renovated kitchen will be daunting if we don’t consider these things,

a) Determine what we want.

b) Do electrical work according to design.

c) Make a schedule and stick to it.

d) Should design for aesthetic and easy to access.

And most important all this should come under our budget.

a) Determine what we want:

When we plan to renovate our kitchen we should know what we want and what we don’t. Because when we plan for a kitchen renovation or updating we will consider the most we like and that will affect our kitchen space and budget. So, design as per the availability of space and that should not go beyond our budget.

b) Do electrical work according to design:

Generally we plan for kitchen renovation. We might think about the electrical work at the end, this could disturb our convenience in the kitchen in the future. So before kitchen wood works we have to do electrical markings according to our design and aesthetics. That is a good strategy to install a modular kitchen after the wood works and also it helps to avoid further repairing work.

c) Make a schedule and stick to it.

In our busy schedule we are not able to find time to spend on other works. 100% of our involvement is mostly towards the designs and cost. So try to find time for this and stick to it that is very important.

d) Should design for aesthetic and easy to access.

While planning for a design, we obviously give priority for style but like style convenience is also an important factor. Because a stylish design with uncomfortable access is worthless.


We obviously feel mystified by the budget of our kitchen renovation. In terms of design and material, we have to consider budget, luxury and convenience. Apart from that installation charges will be taken into account. Also our renovation budget will be based on things like where we live, products which we select, etc. An average cost for a kitchen renovation is Rs: 2.5 lakhs. Kitchen renovation will help you to get more space in your kitchen and give an aesthetic look. Considering all these points, we can renovate a kitchen at a reasonable cost.

cookscape Interior

Architect - Viswanath