Interior Design Ideas for Latest Pooja Room Design

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Pooja is the adobe of God present in our homes. The Pooja room/Mandir should always be placed in the North, East or the Northeast side of the home. Pooja space is the most important part of our house, as it keeps our house filled with positive energies. Regardless of one’s religious identity a space for Pooja or worship can be found in each and every household.

For perfectly designed Pooja rooms it’s essential that all the elements are arranged correctly, whether it’s the Mandir Unit, Idols, Accessories or the furniture. Additionally, the colors of the walls and the materials used should blend perfectly in order to create a tranquil ambiance that is ideal for meditation.

Below mentioned are some ideas on how to design a trendy and sophisticated Pooja room in a hassle free manner:

    1. The Charm of Carved Elements:

    Carved wood has that old world charm and casts its spell on all who appreciate the beauty of wood. The presence of wood automatically increases the cost of a space. However, wood as a material has a lot of value due to its aesthetically beautiful appearance and its structurally solid core; thus making it a popular choice for Pooja Unit.

    cookscape Interior

    Wood is a versatile material for home decor, and it adds warmth and beauty to any area. In a Pooja room, carved wooden structures are reminiscent of the exquisite hand-carved motifs and sculptures that one sees in old temples. In a tiny home, one can look at small Pooja cabinet designs. In larger houses, the drawback of using wood is that the cost would drastically increase if the volume of wood used is increased.

    2. In Awe of Traceries:

    Traceries or Jaalis as we know them add another dimension to the Pooja room. These can be used as frames, partitions, backdrops, etc. in the space. These add a drama to space. The benefit of Jaalis is that one it is not just a traditional motifs but also a functional element of design. With the techniques like Laser cutting and CNC cutting, it has become easier for people to incorporate Traceries across an array of materials in their interior spaces. To add an edge, these Traceries can be lit up to enhance the visual appeal.

    3. Add some color with Rangoli

    You can also decorate your Pooja room or Mandir with a beautiful Rangoli design with colorful flowers. And for this simply put some water in a vessel, include colorful flowers and floating pretty candles in it. And put it on the entrance of your Mandir or Pooja room.

    These are some of the ideas that can be incorporated by anyone to create a vibrant Pooja Space. This will not only increase the beauty of the house but will also help fill the home with Positive energy.

    cookscape Interior

    Architect Varshini