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Usually the idea about designing anything for the kids from smaller DIY dresses to building a real play house for them makes us really excited too. Because half the time our thinking goes about, what’s trending in the kids world, like the latest animated pictures or the super –character that attracted a wide crowd of kids. But honestly, half the time, we just come to a conclusion that our kids might start loving their space more when it’s funky pink or blue. And probably that works when they are younger.

Kids taste change over time and it’s greatly influenced by what they see and what their friends have. Kids communicate a lot more than adults and they get influenced by the excitement the kids in their neighbourhood have over their new shoes, etc. So probably, going with the idea of these units with changeable themes and patterns might work great if you are looking forward to minimize the expense when you are planning to renovate your kids’ room when they grow up!!

    Here in Cookscape interiors, we have something that helps us to change the theme of the room at a lesser cost with durable materials. While working on the interior design, you can go for the shutters of the wardrobes and the study units and other storage spaces with our “Alumix Variant”. Here’s a link to the same. -------------------------------------------

    cookscape Interior

    The advantage of this type is that, the interior carcass and materials are going to be durable with our replacement guarantee material while the shutters are going to be with our Alumix frames. This frame is made out of aluminium alloy, stainless steel and chromium and is durable. The wallpaper on one wall could be their inspirational super hero or their favourite Disney character.

    The similar film inlay could be given to the shutters of the wardrobe. Now the fun part is when you would like to change the look of the room in a few years it is going to be a piece of cake. All you have to do is find another wallpaper or a theme to your room. Probably the kid grows up and likes elegant simplistic designs. It’s just a work of few hours now. We just have to change the wallpaper, and then the inlays in the Alumix shutters. And then, the room looks completely new with a newer theme at a very less cost compared to changing the shutter itself.

    Therefore, while designing for the kids we always have to plan ahead. It’s not enough to just think for 4 – 5 years from now, but beyond that. Because in this changing world, kids are smarter and more evolved and their taste keeps changing from time to time. So, with design flexibility, we could give them a chance to do what they like after a few years without digging a big hole in our pocket!! So yeah, let’s start thinking ahead. Happy designing!!

    cookscape Interior

    Architect Sowmithra