Step By Step Guide to perfect your Interior design!

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It is challenging for a layman to be able to express their design ideas and transform them into a tangible reality. Hence, here is a simplified roadmap that could be helpful not only for laymen but also for amateur professionals in the field of interior design to create a methodical way of organizing home interior spaces.


The first thing that comes in the picture is Budget. Your budget defines the interior design of your house. Type of room, area of the room and interior furnishing all influence the total budget. Thus, clever design can ensure that elegant and classy spaces are created even with a modest budget.


The first step is to start by analyzing basic space requirements and also to understand the usage of each interior space, the look and feel of it as well. Therefore, creating a well-defined layout of spaces is of utmost importance. Only after creating a proper floor plan can requirements be defined and accordingly spaces can be designed, redesigned or renovated.


Design development is fundamentally detailing the floor plan out. It consists not only of conceptual sketches and diagrams but also of detailed sections, elevations, and drawings. Space planning plays an integral part in the design process. Plan the spaces according to the usage.


Color scheme, wall treatment, ceiling treatment, designing furniture all come into the picture on further involving deep into the design. Choosing a décor style plays an important role in coming up with the better interior design.

Though deciding at first seems to be an easy process, but it isn’t always as simple as it appears to be. Take notes of the decor styles that you like and relate to the most, and then decide. Additionally, these days a lot of fun design quizzes are available online, you can take up one of them to get an idea about what kind of decor will suit you and your home the most.

Traditional, modern and contemporary are some of the décor styles that could you go and surf online to have a more clear understanding of the style.


An interior designer plays an important role in analyzing the actual usage of the space by the client. This will be achieved only by extracting the information from the client about his or her nature of work. And also about his family interest to design family space in effective space. Therefore interior designer possess mixture of skills.

cookscape Interior

Architect - Darshna R