What is calypso variant?

These Rugged and Robust frames, handles & post formed laminated shutters transform the space and revamps the ambience effortlessly. The sight of this variant is exceptionally alluring and it is also extremely durable. When in doubt, the choice of this variant can never go wrong as it can seamlessly camouflage into space and justify its selection.

cookscape Interior

Key Points & Features:

• Kitchen carcass: Boiling water resistance (BWR)

• Kitchen shutter: Medium density Fiberboard (MDF)

• Wardrobe Carcass: Boiling water resistance (BWR)

• Primary Hardware: EBCO (12 Kg)

• Skirting: Primary SF skirting/ Rehau Skirting

This variant comes with lifetime warranty which is generally 7 years for engineered wood. Even though a star variant once, it’s recently not preferably suggested to our clients due to few basic reasons. As already mentioned since it has post formed laminated shutters, those edges are not compatible to accommodate edge banding which is highly essential to prevent delamination.

Delamination is a phenomenon that features peeling of laminates due to the absence of edge banding. The prominent role of an edge banding is that it prevents dust and small insects or pests from invading. Moreover MDF shutters are not waterproof so they obviously do bulge and break in case of being exposed to loads.

But in spite of these this variant stands apart and continues to reign as everyone’s personal favorite due to its impeccable finishes and tantalizing look.

cookscape Interior

Architect Aashika

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